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You fly a jet fighter, but its gun is its drive.

Destroy as many enemys as you can, to get points. If you are fast enough, you will get rewarded with a point multiplier.

The sky is the limit... literary. Don't fly to high, or you will freeze and lose the control over your jet. You also should not crash into the ground... understandable with a jet...


This game is still under development and is currently in his alpha phase. Please feel free to give some feedback to the gameplay.

This game runs on the GMS2 engine.

All assets in this game are self-made, exept for the explosion sounds, which are from the site: www.freesoundeffects.com

All assets in this game are potential placeholders and could be replaced in the final version of the game.


The prototype of this game (called "BackBlast") was made for the IGMC2018.

Install instructions

You only have to unzip the folder. The executable is a standalone version and do not need to be installed.


BackBlaster_OpenAlpha_1.zip 16 MB

Development log

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